• Louise Southam

“Happy New Year” …is it?

I don’t know about you, but it feels so weird typing “Happy New Year” in the opening paragraph of early January emails, because this year is already like no other. It feels sort of ‘fake’, as we plaster over the fact that we have yet another lockdown. For those of you with children you have my sincerest empathy. I think I wept a little when I heard our schools would remain closed until at least February half term. Home schooling whilst working from home is not what any of us parents signed up for.

However, as a transformational coach and team facilitator, I have a myriad of tools within reach. Oh yes, I can spout all the positivity messages out there and do the practice to back them up. Yet here I sit, digging deep, in order to remain upbeat and positive. And I do genuinely believe this is the last of the mountains to climb, before we can gaze out at our new horizons, which will bring opportunities and long forgotten pleasures - like meeting ‘real’ people in the flesh, and who knows, even a welcome hug.

Fatigue. That’s what we are suffering from, in my opinion. We are tired. Not bone tired but mentally fatigued. We see the finish line in sight, yet it is going to take our stamina and mental energy to get past it. But we can and we will do it!

We know deep down, that the vaccine will provide us with the freedom we crave, the ‘normality’ we once took for granted. The question with the leaders I am working with, is how can they support their people through these next few months, when they probably need it the most.

I’ve been supporting my own clients throughout last year and one of the successful modules delivered focused on Wellbeing and Resilience. This 90 minute online session gave their employees the opportunity to look at their challenges, which were many. Yet also consider what they had gained from last year, like appreciating their environment or reduced commuting times. To help them evaluate where they want to spend their energy and enable them to lift their levels, putting them in the driving seat of life, not the other way around. I do share some tips and techniques too on how to stay mindful, grounded and grateful, all hugely important at this time. It feels very relevant to me to be able to re-offer this module to new and existing clients, as we go back into lockdown, at an attractive fixed price of £400 + vat, for up to16 team members per session.

As we embrace 2021, knowing that this time next year we will all be in a very different space, that 2020 and all the challenges we faced, will be even further behind us. Personally, I am grateful for all the insights that 2020 gave me, for the clients that worked with me and for the opportunity to be forced to live life in a different way.

May we ‘cross the line in sight’ very soon – together!

Please do email me if you would like to know more about the 90 minute sessions The feedback received already has been so positive and clients have said that it’s really helped their employees and managers feel in control.

I do genuinely wish you a very happy, healthy, abundant and prosperous 2021.

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