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The Charisma Connection

Charismatic leaders are 68% more effective, according to Harvard Business School and this workshop develops a leaders own innate charisma, through   neuroscience, cellular biology, quantum mechanics and understanding energies.  

A new and unique leadership programme that is the future of leadership and engagement and has profound impact and results. 

POW – Power of Women


This is a ground breaking programme for professional and entrepreneurial women
The day is designed to expand their vision of what's possible, both personally and in business.  Increased empowerment will have a positive knock-on effect on those around them.

Designed to enable women to make the Next BIG SHIFT, this programme will help women to realise their own potential and create more of the results they want, as well as eliminating the personal and professional obstacles that get in the way.


Communicating in Colour

This programme is designed to work with teams to understand their own personalities and how they can impact their team and the people around them.  Through the use of colours, the individual understands their communication style and preference as well as their lowest preference. This understanding paves the way to turning frustrations into fascinations.


The day is designed as an interactive workshop, creating learning through experience and practical application.  The outcome is greater communication and awareness, which drives a collaborative culture.


Coaching for Performance

Understanding how high performing teams are created, this day is designed to teach managers the fundamental cornerstones of coaching and the benefits this has on performance.  

The day is fully interactive and allows the group to practice their new skills in a safe environment.  The outcome is managers who can empower their people through asking powerful questions and following a model that creates powerful coaching results.

Motivational Maps


This session is designed to understand the different motivations within a team and how each individual is motivated.  Managers get insights into what will either inspire or deflate their people and this 2 hour workshop is fully interactive and is designed to get the team interacting and creating their own action plan based on the results.  A powerful session, which has a fresh approach to motivation and how tapping into that drives engagement and performance.


Bespoke Programmes

As an experienced coach and facilitator, I can create a programme that is tailored to a client's need.  These may be a combination of programmes or bespoke depending on the desired outcome.  All programmes are interactive and built around the delegates learning through experience, rather than led by theory.