"The POW event I attended far exceeded my expectations and provided some much needed introspection I wasn’t even aware I needed. I would recommend this workshop to any woman in business looking for some clarity or to any company keen to invest in their female leaders." 


Sarah Simpson, The Spare Desk


POW is a ground breaking programme for professional and entrepreneurial women. Expand your vision of what's possible for you - both personally and in business. Trust us, your empowerment will have a positive knock-on effect on those around you.


Designed to enable women to make the Next BIG SHIFT, this programme will help you to realise your own potential and create more of the results you want, as well as eliminating the personal and professional obstacles that get in the way.


Stop. Hit the pause button and refocus…
One of the hardest things to do for many women is take time for themselves. We all live busy lives filled with work, family and social commitments. Sometimes we are running so fast that we forget to stop and reflect on how we feel about ourselves personally and professionally.

It's only through taking that time to check in with these important questions that we can begin to become aware of what we want to change and start to cultivate a vision for ourselves that is compelling and energising.

This programme is for you if: you are a powerful and passionate woman at heart - yet there's something holding you back from being the biggest and best version of yourself 

  • you have already had success but deep down feel there's something missing

  • you want more satisfaction and a sense of really enjoying 'the journey'

  • you feel that your life is bit out of

  • you are already confident but perhaps not fully owning your power

  • you find yourself keeping falling into the same old traps

  • you want to create sustainable success

  • you are ready to make your bold next step


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