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How are you asking yourself those rich questions you haven’t, or aren’t asking?

You only have to open up any news feed, LinkedIn article or business publication to read all the variations on how we might commercially recover from this pandemic as lockdown is lifted. They all seem to be full of insights on ways to move forward. Words of wisdom and advice from experts, on how you can re-shape yourself and your business. Many of these are helpful in drawing you back to the present, especially if your head is wrapped in ‘what if’s’ and the unknown. Having had conversations with my colleagues and clients, the one thing we can be certain of, is the uncertainty around us.

Often it is the lack of powerful questions that enable us to unpack what is real, what is current, and to strip away fears and limiting beliefs that render us immobile. What lies beneath those are rich ideas, inspirational and brave strategies and your answers to what is next.

How are you asking those rich questions that you haven’t, or don’t ask yourself? We can become so wrapped up in problems, we forget to look for solutions, or they are masked by our fears, which makes us too afraid to.

As a Transformational Coach, my role is to go beyond the conscious mind and take you into your unconscious, as this is where those rich answers live. Polycontextual questions are one way of doing that. These are some questions you might hear me ask you.

“What are you telling yourself you don’t know, that you actually know?”

“Looking back from sometime in the future, what piece of advice would you give yourself now?”

“What are you going to say ‘yes’ to?

Try it. Ask yourself these questions and sit quietly and notice what emerges, without judging the answers. They will be a blend of your unconscious mind and your intuitive thinking. A powerful combination.

As we are easing out of lockdown, now is the time give yourself some space and time to ask, and be asked those questions that stretch your mindset to go beyond what you think is possible. To explore options and outcomes that move you and your business forward in the ‘new normal’. You’ll be amazed with the answers you find, the ideas that you didn’t realise you have already, and the clarity of mind of how to accomplish what it is you want.

So go on, ask yourself a question you haven’t yet asked yourself, and more importantly, listen to the answer.

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