• Louise Southam

When you’re feeling stuck and need a nudge

January, the year of opportunity begins, the hopes and dreams for the year ahead are flowing and the excitement of what is to be achieved is palpable. Oh yes, bring it on! And then it happens, two weeks into January and my world is ‘falling apart’ ….or so I am telling myself. The clients that push back programmes unexpectedly, the car having emergency repairs, the bank account empty…this isn’t what I ordered, I ordered abundance in all aspects of my life. Suddenly, I’m looking down the barrel of doom and gloom, the familiar feeling of ‘why is this happening to me?’. I’m stuck. Again.

I know how to respond to this feeling, I must rant at the injustice, I must blame and judge myself and then I can sit and feel sorry that this is all happening and feel myself spiral into a sense of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness and even a measure of self-pity.

Yes me, with all the tools I have, with the knowledge and experience I share with clients, I feel like this. It dawns on me that I have been given a gift, that it is time for me to shift up a gear in my life and to step into the fullness of who I am at my core. To see what emerges and to let go of all the ‘expectations’ that I put on myself, instead be present, in the moment. For an outcome focused person, this is a tall order, yet I sense intuitively that it is part of my life’s work and journey and key to unlocking a deeper level of learning.

I set about clearing my office as well as some limiting beliefs. I have created a beautiful, feminine, quiet space that includes a meditation point, which I use twice a day. There are flowers adorning my desk in a beautiful vase and a picture that I found hidden in the garage, reminding me of what is important. Candles, aura spray and crystals are also part of my new work zone. The difference this has made is incredible and yet again, I realise that when we have something we perceive as a setback, a problem, it is a gift, which we can either accept or deny. I chose to accept my gift and yes, my bank account isn’t as healthy as I hoped, yet I do have a renewed vigour in what my next steps are. Small ones. I have a plan yet it is as far from my typical plan as you could imagine. This one sits in my heart and I breathe it in and connect to trust and faith. This is liberating and it feels like a twig travelling down a gentle flowing river and if the twig gets stuck, it may need a gentle nudge to move it on it’s way, that’s all.

So if your year has started off and you feel your twig is stuck on the banks of life and you can’t move, give yourself a gentle nudge, trust the current is taking you exactly where you are meant to be right now and go with your natural flow. Enjoy the journey, it isn’t about where you ultimately end up, it’s more about what you experience and learn along the way. My 2017 IS already amazing as I have had insights and shifts through being supposedly stuck. In reality, I was forced to pause to remind myself that it isn’t about the destination, to slow down and enjoy the flow of life.

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