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Write your future how you want it to be

I was sat in bed doing what seems to have become my bedtime ritual, checking Facebook. I had been

tagged in a post about 2017 being the most ridiculously, amazing year and I smiled. I realised that I believed it would be already, that I had this feeling in my heart that fluttered with excitement about all the incredible things that were to happen. I was talking to a friend about the power of future scripting and she asked what I meant by it and how was it different to journaling, which is also very powerful. I explained that future scripting is when you write about something as though it has happened already, giving thanks and gratitude for what has been delivered.

I love to set goals and use various methods to do this, whether it is something short term with my business, or longer term like the transformation of my home. I use vision boards and I find these very powerful and aesthetically pleasing and a great visual reminder as they hang on my office wall. However, future scripting gives me something that creates a ‘feeling’ as well as a thought. I recall my introduction to this way of asking for what you want. At the time I was going through a very painful divorce, I had dismantled my family and was living at my mum’s with my youngest son. I was on the conveyor belt of uncertainty as to how the finances would be split and I can honestly say, at the time it looked like I would end up with enough to purchase a large shed in quite an insalubrious area!

This is where my passion for future scripting took hold. I sat in bed night after night at my mum’s with my journal, getting lost in the words I was writing about the home I would buy. I imagined a sunny garden, a playroom for me to ‘hide’ all the toys, the entertaining space and the quiet location. Trust me, this was about as far away from the settlement that was being suggested. I would shut my book every night and have this flutter in my chest of ‘knowing’, I believed wholeheartedly that I would have that house, I had no idea how, and because of those very dark days, this writing also gave me hope that all was going to be ok.

I have those writings now and I do look back on them as I sit in bed, in the house that I described over 2 years ago, which has everything I asked for, including the quiet location and sunny garden. Future scripting really is magical, getting lost in dreams and connecting with the feelings it creates in your body. Science suggests that the vibration we create when we have these feelings is what manifests our dreams into a reality.

So whatever you want 2017 to be, write it down as though it has happened already, thanking the Universe for all these wonderful gifts. Remember to feel the feelings in your body as that brings it to life. And the how? That doesn’t matter, just trust that it is happening already. Here is to a ridiculously amazing 2017! Now get writing.

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