The Power of Women Launches in Poole


The Harbour Heights Hotel in Poole was the venue for the launch event of 'The Power of Women' (POW) professional and personal development programme - an event which saw an impressive group of some 40 women sign up for the ground breaking development programme, designed for professional and entrepreneurial women.


The packed agenda, which promised to 'ignite the power of women' to make the next big shift in their lives and careers, was co-led by Bournemouth-based Joanna Kane of Trailblazers and Louise Southam of Beyond Belief.

“Extremely Inspiring and Motivating” Emma Mitchell 

“It was inspiring and thought provoking, a breath of fresh air that will make me press the reboot button!” Francesca Moore

“Some real ‘wow’ moments. It was incredibly valuable to take time out and focus on me with a group of likeminded women” Michelle Vaughton

“An amazing thought provoking and motivational programme” Jane Kilpatrick